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The fish pair (1992) were the first single object paintings that I did in the UK and are possibly a reflection of my own context at the time. The inspiration for the rectangular format comes from that of cinema screens and is recurrent.

The large format Sea Cockerel prints are a more recent exploration of the subject and are created digitally using images based on a hybrid creature from my animalia series. It is possible that other species from animalia will be represented in a similar way in the future.

Colour plays a major part in my work. Referenceing Kandinsky’s colour theory, I use light, warm red to represent strength and energy. In the painting Arteries, red is used as a metaphor for oxygenated blood, a symbol of life. It's the opposite with Veins.

Observe the similarities between contrasting entities such as coral branches and blood vessels, solids and liquids. The sea stars come from an experience I had whilst encountering a ‘constellation’ of hundreds of live sea stars washed up on a black sand beach. Comparing these creatures to stars in the sky, my ‘star’ paintings, suspended in ‘space’ are a representation of freedom and guidance.

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